April Update

2 Apr


Hello There Lovers,

How have you been? Great, I hope :). All is well over here, I just wanted to check in and say hello because I’ve been so busy lately. I looked up and it was April 1. Where is the time going? It’s kind of alarming how much can change in a few months, isn’t it? Let’s see, I personally know 5 pregnant women, 2 couples that just got married last week, and I’ve watched someone I’ve known for years have their dreams come true. He shot his first pilot for a major network. Hopefully it’s the breakthrough role he’s worked so hard for. Last week I had the chance to attend Ad Tech with KK. We missed Sean Combs, he was the key note speaker. But we had a blast and got to stay at the St. Regis, oh la la.

Of course we still found time to blog while we were there. We share a blog over at PrettyDiaries.com. What else? I also had a pretty big audition last weekend, I’ll keep you posted on that. And I’m taking a month long Vegan challenge for the month of April. I’ll be in Texas next week for my brother’s birthday so that adds an entire new layer to that challenge. Vegan in Texas? It’s possible.

What’s new with you friends? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.


Like Leather Boots and Whiskey…Perspective gets better with Age

25 Mar


I thoroughly loved this post and always like to learn from people who have gone before me. How has your perspective changed as you’ve aged, regardless of how old you are?

Originally posted on Like Leather Boots and Whiskey ....:

"The Sun was smiling a hundred years ago and the sun is laughing today."

“The Sun was smiling a hundred years ago and the sun is laughing today.”  Santosh Kalwar

A child looking at the woman in the picture above might think that she is actually resting her hand on top of the sun, might even fear that she could burn her hand! But we know that perspective can be nothing more than a trick of the eye. Not surprisingly, Prevention Magazine lists Perspective as one of the top 50 things that get better with age, and I have to agree.

imageWhen I was in my early 40′s I had a life coach. I can’t remember how I found her, but I think it was a 30 day trial thing, maybe a little longer. Although I took lots of notes, I don’t remember much, except that she frequently scolded me for my “shouldas.” You know, I kept saying things like, “I should do this…”…

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Faith, Hope & Love

22 Mar

faith hope and love

Faith, Hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Right? I feel like I have come to know love and faith very well during my lifetime. But hope is still a mystery to me. I think if you struggle with depression the root of it is hopelessness. Though I no longer struggle with depression, I do still feel that hope is deferred in areas of my life. So what is hope? And how can I receive it? And if I truly know love, shouldn’t I know faith and hope as well? What are your thoughts on these three? Do you know all 3 or is one still a mystery to you? I want to have hope. I want to know what hope is inside and out. I know what it is to be hopeless so I want to know the other end of that spectrum. What is it like to have so much hope that your faith grows? Are they directly connected?

Tiny Tea Results

3 Mar

Happy Monday Lovers!

This tea was amazing! Check out my latest video post and hear about the results :D. If you’d like to try it you can find it at www.YourTea.com.

God’s Not Real?

26 Feb

love lezlie


I can’t remember what I was watching but the other day something was on and I started to tear up. Why? Because one of the character’s had to face some great fear to get to the other side of that chapter in life and receive their blessing that was waiting for them. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been asked before what my greatest fear is and I’ve had answers like the ocean or that I’m living in vain, that the things that I think actually matter don’t matter at all. But in an instant I realized what my greatest fear deep down has been the very thing that I’ve been so fixed on. My greatest fear has been that God isn’t real.

As a little girl of 6 I believed that God was real with all of my heart and mind. And I continued to believe that strongly until my college years. That’s when the seeds of doubt that had probably been there for a while began to get watered and I honestly questioned my faith and strong conviction in not just the existence of God but that Jesus was the way, truth and life and that no one gets to the Father except through Him, as He states in scripture. During those years of doubt I still experienced incredible things that I couldn’t explain by natural laws. I still believed that there was something or someone much greater than myself and my immediate surroundings that I was a part of.

You know, I’ve heard many believers say, “Well in the end if it wasn’t true at least I would have tried to live a life like Jesus.” Which is a beautiful way to live your life. But I think underneath that is the feeling of, “well in the end if it’s not true then I would have wasted opportunities to totally indulge in the desires I had in my lifetime… and that sucks” But you know what I’ve discovered is that the desires of my heart change the more my faith has grown in God. And He gives me the desires of my heart.

In the past I was the closest to God when I had some terrible tragedy or if things were dismal in my life. But when things were great I would forget to pray or I would stop seeking Him. I guess because I was still in a place of panicking when things were wrong and a small part of me believed that He wasn’t real. And if that was the case, what in the world did I have to hold on to? But when things were wonderful, I believed He had me and all was well and there was no need to check in as much. Well I guess that’s because my relationship with Him was limited and I only knew Him as my savior and not so much my Lord, friend, and first love.

I share all of this with you now because after I had the revelation that my greatest fear has been that God wasn’t real, I smiled because I’m no longer afraid. Now I talk to Him when my life is wonderful and when things aren’t going as I hoped. I tested and challenged and questioned my faith and I have arrived in a beautiful place of not just believing but knowing He’s not only real, He’s alive.

People Of the Cross

21 Feb

people of the cross

I started working on this project called People Of the Cross about a year ago. One day I noticed  a dozen or so people pass me by and they were all wearing crosses. Some of them had tattoos, many of them were wearing t-shirts and some were wearing chains. And I wondered to myself, “What does that cross mean to them?” So I started asking people this very question and some of their stories have been truly remarkable. I hope to devote more time to this project this year because it’s so inspiring.

Check out this guy’s story.

This is a cross necklace I was wearing when I fell 50 feet off a cliff, while rock climbing in Moab, UT. I suffered life threatnening injuries and was life-flighted to a hospital in Colorado. While in the hospital, my injuries miraculously vanished within a week! I was left with only a broken thumb and some memory loss. This necklace shattered into pieces when I fell and my friend found the pieces and glued them back together. God showed his face in the form of my healing. It has been the most eye opening experience of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Isn’t that amazing? Do you wear a cross?

Online Media Diva

13 Feb

Hello Lovers!

I hope you are enjoying February so far. Do you have your Valentine’s Day plans figured out yet? Hmmmm… Well I just wanted to check in and update you all. I recently shared with you that I was about to partner with Online Media Diva to launch two new blogs. They are up and running and so far it’s been great. I’m learning a ton and having fun doing what I love which is a dream come true. It’s going so well that I have officially joined the Online Media team as their Content Manager. This means that I am in charge of working with all of the new bloggers as well as assist in creating original content.

This opportunity is such an answered prayer and I’m so thankful to God  I’m excited to see what comes of it. And if you know a talented female writer or creative woman with a niche please direct them my way throughout the year.

Tiny Tea Detox

7 Feb
tiny tea

Image from yourtea.com

“Thank you. Your tea will be sent out asap, please let us know when it arrives and your review is up x – YourTea.com”

Oh-My-Gosh I’m sooooooo excited. I’m about to get my first product to review for Love Lezlie. Can you believe it? Over a year of blogging and it’s my first product review, but I couldn’t be happier about the product. So occasionally I login to my Instagram and stalk this one account of women raving about this new tea called Your Tea. There are tons of before and after photos of women with clearer skin, slimmer abdomens and free from their sugar cravings after drinking Tiny Tea. They have a few teas available to drink including a fertility tea that I’ll probably drink at the end of the year ;).

As you know, I LOVE TEA. I am also a sucker for beautiful packages, which it comes in. So, it’s on it’s way to me now. When I’m finished with the 14 days I will do my first Youtube review :). Until then, check out a previous blogger’s review on Tiny Tea. Oh, and if you’ve tried this tea before I’d love to hear about your experience. Also if you would like to hear part 2 of the blogger’s review you can check it out here.

First 4 Words

5 Feb

I’ve always loved these games! I saw this on Paula’s Facebook page and the first 4 words that I saw were loyal, talented, outspoken  and sweet. Which 4 words do you see?

Love Doesn’t Delight In Evil

2 Feb

So you want to play with magic? Boy you should know what you’re falling for.

Evil isn’t always some scary monster. Sometimes evil is incredibly seductive and pleasing to the eye. There is such  a thing as beautiful evil. I’m no stranger to magic or evil. I’ve shared sparingly before on this blog that on my journey for truth I ran away from the church straight into the arms of the enemy for several years of my life. God never left me, but I left Him. And during that time I had A Book Of Shadows and learned all about power and manifestation. I share this once again because when I woke up the other day I saw several postings on Facebook from friends of mine who are Christian. They spoke about their anger and disgust about several of the performances on the annual Grammy awards, which I didn’t watch. People were mad about Macklemore’s “Same Love” performance where couples of opposite and same sex were married during the performance. Others were mad at Beyonce’s racy performance with her husband Jay Z on stage where she mocked physical abuse singing, “Eat the Cake”, a reference from Ike & Tina’s story. But what I was particularly hurt by was Katy Perry’s performance “Dark Horse”. We all know that she was raised in the church. I guess her performance is particularly heart breaking to me because she’s clearly chosen darkness.

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