The Devil is a Liar

October 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

Ephesians 5:11 – Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Halloween is upon us and that means the theaters are flooded with horror movies. Believe it or not, I used to love the horror genre. I remember falling in love with it when I was 6 years old. I would wake up in the middle of the night and watch USA’s Up All Night, grab some sugar, and then go back to sleep.

I continued to love horror until October 31, 2010 when God delivered me. It’s a crazy story, but it’s part of my testimony, so here it goes…

It was the night before I was going to move out of my old apartment, and the last time I’d spend with my ex-fiance. If that sounds strange, it’s because I’ve lived a lot and eventually I will share it with you. For now, I’ll stick to this night. So I went to a horror movie marathon on Halloween night 2010. I went in 2009 with a small group of friends and it was no big deal. The difference this time is that I had already decided to come back to God.

You know how you try to hang on to the old life while transitioning into your new life only to find out it won’t fit? Well, this was one of those occasions. We pulled up to the theater and I sensed it was really dark, so I prayed this crazy prayer, “Jesus, let me see tonight through your eyes.” Then we went inside the movie theater.

What happened next I wouldn’t believe if it weren’t for the fact that I lived it myself.

The theater was divided into three sections and we sat in the section to the right. As we walked down the fiery steps I noticed that this year’s group was a third of the size of the year before. Maybe it was the economy. No, it was something else. I knew I was in a really dark place. Some of you may be thinking, “duh, it’s a horror movie marathon.” True. But it wasn’t just about watching scary movies, I knew in my spirit that something else was going on.

The first movie started. But this time I couldn’t watch the screen. It truly felt as if I was seeing through God’s eyes, and I couldn’t look upon evil. Instead, I watched the audience around me for nearly two hours feed their souls with darkness. I did get one nugget from the movie. I could hear that the people were throwing up crosses to the demons, but the cross wouldn’t work. The demons, before killing their victims, would scream, “you have to have faith for that to work”. Even the devil knows the truth.

The movie finally ends and the lights come back on. A man ran to the front of the stage in jeans and a black shirt. He grabbed the mic and my heart began to race. I knew he wasn’t just any man. He was walking in authority. So I began to pray because I sensed something was about to go down supernaturally.

“Alright everyone we are gonna play a little game to keep things moving along tonight!!! In my hand I have a DVD of the killer movie we just saw and which ever section screams the loudest, I’ll throw it to you,” he said.

This got the crowd excited. Everyone loves a little competitive game, right?

GIVE ME YOUR IMMORTAL SOULS!“, he declared over the section furthest to the left. The entire section screamed and it was revealed in that moment why I felt what I was feeling. This man was literally winning souls for darkness. The people were shouting in agreement and were giving him their souls for a DVD! I knew the majority of them were ignorant to what was really going on. They probably just thought it was a fun game.

I started praying overtime at this point.

He turned to the center section and screamed, “GIVE ME YOUR IMMORTAL SOULS!” And wouldn’t you know, they screamed louder than the first section.

Then he turned to my section. He looks at us and screams, “GIVE ME YOUR IMMORTAL SOULS!“. If I had to guess, I’d say three people screamed. He paused and then looked through my section. His eyes finally met mine and he said, “Oh, this is the bad section. They don’t want to scream.”

He then turned and repeated the exercise one more time, going from one section to the next in hopes of winning more souls. This time around he got more souls from my section, but not mine. He flung the DVD to the middle section and then raced off the stage.

This is the part of the story where I turn to my ex and say, “GET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW.” He asked if I was sure a few times, and every time I said yes. We got up and walked up the fiery steps as the crowd stared through my back. I knew this was the moment I was choosing to walk out of darkness and back into the light forever. I felt oppression lift off of me like a cloud.

We got to the car and I was so amazed by what I just experienced that I said one more prayer. I asked God to be free of anything I picked up during my time in darkness (away from Him). As I finished my prayer, I vomited just like you see in the movies.

I was free. I am free. I haven’t watched another horror movie since that day.

I chose to use this movie poster because it states a lie. It says that “Once you see him (the devil), nothing can save you.” (Note, the original image was for the movie “Sinister” but I have since taken it down). This is a lie. The truth is that Jesus can save you and the devil can’t even compete. I pray that you all will come to know the goodness of God and the truth about the enemy. He’s seductive, but he always leads to death. Don’t believe his lies.

God bless you.

2 responses to The Devil is a Liar


    Wow Lezlie. That is quite a testimony. I can’t even imagine how you felt that night, but how wonderful that your prayers were answered, and that you could see with new eyes.

    When I first clicked on your link and saw the picture, I almost clicked back out because I have been clicking out of pages all week that are showing this picture. I don’t even take the time to read what movie it’s for each time. I just know that it is of the darkness.

    ♥ MP

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