Sound of Music

March 18, 2013

years 2011 Galerie Lisa Ruyter Vienna  Photo by Andreas Fleckl

I’ve always wondered what the trees would tell us if they could speak.

Several years ago I lived across the street from a magnificent Magnolia tree. Whenever I passed it I felt peace and comfort. My neighbor told me that this tree was at least 50 years old. One day I felt this overwhelming urge to go hug this tree. Yes, I did feel a little granola-like. But it reached a point where I just had to do it. I ran across the street and hugged the magnificent Magnolia tree.

The next day I woke up to excessive street noise. The noise wouldn’t stop so I hopped out of bed and went outside to see what the commotion was all about.

The city had just finished sawing my magnificent Magnolia tree to the ground. I couldn’t believe the timing and I still don’t know why they did it. But I was grateful I followed the urge to hug it.

Recently, I came across an amazing video via Merc80. It’s an unusual piece of work called Years by an artist named  Bartholomäus Traubeck. He turned a tree trunk slice into a piece of music that is strikingly beautiful.

love lezlie

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