Blaming God.

March 22, 2013 — 2 Comments

Several years ago when I was searching for my spiritual truth I was invited to a dinner party. A conversation started between a few of us about life and somewhere in the midst of it I brought up God. The host of the party smirked. He had a look of certainty in his eyes and he asked me, “What would people do if they knew for a fact that God didn’t exist?”

“Can you clarify?”, I asked.

“Sure. If we could no longer look to a higher source for the cause behind the events that take place in our lives, how would that change our perspective?”

“I suppose we would have to stop blaming God and start looking at ourselves for the reasons things do and don’t work out.”, I said unsuringly.

“Exactly”, he smiled.

Years have passed since that day and I have since found the truth I was personally seeking. However, his words echo on the occasions I find myself frustrated in what I like to call The Waiting Room. In my personal experience with God I have found that there are times when I just need to be still and know that He is God. During those times if I try to step out and create a solution on my own it ends in disaster.

However, there are other times where He is quiet and I am frustrated and nothing seems to really be happening. During these times I would blame Him for not opening doors or even worse I would passively sit in The Waiting Room and live in denial for a season.

During my prayer time this week I realized that I’ve been passively sitting in The Waiting Room in areas in my life that I have been upset with God about. The truth I had to accept is that He already has given me what I need to answer the very question I have been praying about for months. And even deeper than that is the core of it all. The core of me passively sitting in The Waiting Room was  fear.

I read the other day that most of us will choose dissatisfaction over the unknown. Sadly, I think the author made an accurate assessment. We know the truth though.

God is love and He has great plans for each of our lives. We will always be stretched and tested in order to grow. I already have the gift of faith and have used it in radical ways. But that doesn’t mean that my faith can’t grow. It looks like it’s about to stretch some more.

Is there something you have been praying for that you feel God has remained silent on? I pray that truth and revelation are released in your life so you can have clarity in your situation.

2 responses to Blaming God.


    I love your love for the Lord Lezlie. You truly shine in that love ♥ and in the faith that you show for His work done and His work yet to be done ♥ 🙂 ♥


    Thank you Paula :D. He first loved us. I always meditate on that <3.


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