Inside the Playboy Mansion

March 25, 2013 — Leave a comment


This Saturday I attended the annual Kandy Masquerade ball. Several years ago I got on a list to attend parties at the infamous Playboy Mansion. During this time in my life I probably would have made the most of the mansion had I actually attended. But every time I was invited and planned to go, another outside situation would prevent me from going. It didn’t bother me because I knew in my heart that one day I would visit the mansion. Like most dreams planted in my heart, it came to pass but not how I imagined. Things rarely ever unfold as we plan, wouldn’t you agree?

When I returned to God in 2010 I started sweeping my house (literally and spiritually) of all the things I thought would displease Him. As I was about to unsubscribe from the Mansion list I heard so sharply, “Do not get off the list, there is a purpose.”

It took months before I received further understanding into the purpose behind it. One Saturday evening, after prophesying at The Well I was praying with some of the prayer leaders in the back room. A woman shared something that was on her heart for the woman sitting next to me, but I knew that it was for me  too. She said, “I see you with bunny ears on your head. And it’s like you are an undercover agent.” I don’t know how the other woman interpreted that word, but I knew exactly what it meant. I was about to go inside the mansion.

The following day I received an invitation for the Playboy Mansion’s annual Kandy Masquerade Ball. What in the world was the purpose in this at this point in my life? As the week unfolded, He revealed to me the work He had for me. Here were my instructions –

  • Buy  10 silver keys with encouraging words and pray over them.
  • He will highlight 10 people inside the mansion to me and instruct me on which key to give them.
  • Share what He puts on my heart with each person.

This was the start of me stepping out in boldness to share God’s love with others. And it was the birth of the key ministry that is now part of my daily walk. I look forward to sharing these stories with you all because He never fails to show up and I’ve witnessed miracles. Until then, continue to believe that God will fulfill the promises over your life, both great and small. He loves you.

love lezlie

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