An Un-offended Heart

March 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Let Go

I have heard the message of keeping an un-offended heart three times in the past week. I’m starting to think it’s terribly important in order to live a lifestyle of love ;). The question is what is the key to remaining un-offended in this life?

Personally, I believe it’s learning to let go. Or even better, not to take things personally to begin with so there is nothing to let go of. We know that hurt people hurt people, like healed people heal people. So if someone says or does something hurtful, try your best to put yourself in their shoes. You are probably just the recipient of the pain and hurt they haven’t dealt with.

Here are a few key notes from recent sermons I’ve heard on keeping an un-offended heart.

  • Offense builds fences and that makes it hard for people to get in and us to get out. Don’t worry about protecting yourself, God protects you.
  • Offense keeps you from intimacy with God.
  • Let go of trying to understand the reasons behind your disappointment with God and decide you want a relationship with Him more than understanding.
  • Blessed are those who are not offended.

Are you holding offense in your heart? Let it go today. Give it to God and receive forgiveness and love in exchange.

love lezlie

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