Happy Easter Ya’ll

March 30, 2013 — 2 Comments

Easter 1986

Could you imagine if kids sat on fake Jesus’s lap for Easter instead of this fuzzy creature? I guess that would be strange. But sitting on a massive white bunny is strange too if you ask me. I guess you could say that growing up I had the traditional Easter experience. My mom would hide Easter eggs for my brother and me. We usually got a basket filled with C-A-N-D-Y. Most years we made it to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

This is my first Easter as a married adult with no kids around and I’m sitting here pondering what Easter is really truly ultimately about. I’m definitely not a “CEO Christian“, a term I just learned this week. I love church so I’m usually there throughout the week. Still, I can’t help but to observe the importance of Easter Sunday. Why do so many people show up?

Even if you aren’t Christian, I imagine you have heard the story of Jesus at least once in your life. It’s the greatest story ever told. Jesus lived the perfect life. He was fully God and fully man and He never sinned. In the end, He took the blame for all of our sins. He became the sacrificial lamb who was pure, holy & blameless. It had to be Him because He was the only way we could ever enter into the presence of God.

The resurrection of Jesus is what holds all of Christianity together. Through His resurrection death lost it’s sting. He is alive, even today. I get really excited knowing that I believe in a living God. Have you thought about the power in His resurrection? What does it mean to you?

2 responses to Happy Easter Ya’ll


    Thanks for asking. Easter means nothing to mean; however, the Resurrection means everything to me. I used to ask God why holidays were always ruined for me–my Trick or Treat candy was stolen, my father left us on Christmas, my abscess burst on the 4th of July leaving me on the ground in the driveway in a excruciating pain, and a relative came home on Thanksgiving to reveal that she had become homeless and schizophrenic! No, I don’t care about Easter or any other holiday. However, the celebration of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection mean everything to me. So many Christians delight in secularized religious holidays not realizing the their deceptive power. Once you willingly participate in your own delusion, you unknowingly become a cheerleader for the doctrines of demons and our adversary. He wants our praise, and we shouldn’t give it to him. We should learn the Jewish festivals because they are prophetic, but we don’t learn them because the church is also guilty of placating secularized saints–those who feel that their children must have a Halloween party or an Easter egg hunt–what does a rabbit or an egg have to do with salvation? Nothing. I too believe in a living and loving God.


    Charlotte, I think that many Christians feel there is no harm in making cookies for Santa or painting eggs for Easter. They don’t want their kids to feel the pain of not being of this earth. Why do you think the holidays were so hard for you?


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