An Ideal World

April 2, 2013 — 3 Comments


I was cleaning out my gmail last night and found a thread from 2010. It was from a modeling gig I booked for a TEDx fashion talk and I got to carefully float around in wearable art. What touched me about the thread though was a video that I shot that night for CNN. They were asking people to talk about the type of world they would want to live in for Earth Day.

At this time in my life I was in a dark place. But the mission of living a life dedicated to love was still planted inside of me. You can check the blurp out HERE.

Is there something that God has planted inside of you from day 1?

love lezlie


3 responses to An Ideal World

    Melita Murphy April 2, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Love you sis, praise God for never leaving or forsaking ❤

    Sent from my iPhone


    I love you too :), how is Jesus Call going?


    Amen to what Lita said 🙂


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