Heidi Baker on Love

April 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

H Rock Church

Have you ever had a silent prayer answered by God? You know, the kind of prayer that is in your heart or in the back of your mind but you never actually say it out loud. Well, one of my silent prayers was to meet Heidi Baker. So when I got a last minute text from a friend saying that Heidi was in town for one day AND she was speaking down the street from me, of course I had to go!

Heidi Baker has dedicated her life to love. If you aren’t familiar with her, I’d suggest starting with her book Compelled By Love. She lives, breathes & writes about love.

Although I had a decent seat with the PIHOP crew, I couldn’t snap a close enough photo of the radiant Heidi. So I snapped a photo of the long line in front of me :).

Here are a few of my favorite key points on love from her sermon –

  • She loves God so much that she has lost the ability to say no to Him.
  • God can do anything through a yielded life.
  • Love without expecting anything in return.
  • Love looks like something. When you meet a person, ask God what it looks like to that individual and then do it. This takes them into the heart of God.
  • Don’t rush, learn to rest in God. Hurry is of the enemy.

You can check out Heidi’s ministry at www.StopForTheOne.org.

love lezlie

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