Sugar Free Alex

April 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

Sugar Free Alex

Earlier in the year I scoured the internet for inspiration in living a sugar free lifestyle. One of the sites I came across was Spoonful of Sugar Free. I was immediately taken in by the clever title and fun loving photo of the creator, Alex. Oh, and this amazing recipe for brownies.  I recently interviewed Alex about what inspires her and how she got started. Check it out lovers!

–       Name -Alex

–       City -Tampa, Fl

–       Occupation -Student Athlete

–       Website –

–       Contact Info –

  • What was the motivation or defining moment in your story that set you on the course you are currently on now?

 I’ve always been sensitive to sugar since I was a little baby. When I’d eat it I would get a rash on my cheek, but I would always just ignore it and go on eating my hot fudge sundae. Then when I was 13 years old I started really getting into health and nutrition, so I decided to completely stop eating sugar altogether. I would research all kinds of different ways to be healthy, and I learned about the dangers of eating too much sugar. Once I realized this, I quit eating sugar. No white sugar, no honey, no syrup, no “-oses,” and no artificial sugar substitutes.

Everything was going fine until about five months into my new sugar free life. It was Thanksgiving and I had always been a huge fan of pumpkin pie. I told myself, “One little slice won’t hurt.” Boy was I wrong! After the first bite, a bright red rash shot up the side of my cheek. Then after finishing the miniscule slice, I received a massive headache and my whole body felt sick for the rest of the day. After that, I only tried sugar about twice more with the same results. Ever since then I have not eaten sugar. I don’t use or eat any refined or machine processed junk. I also don’t eat any dairy or gluten because I have learned some of the dangers of eating them, and my body feels great when I don’t eat it.

  • How has your life changed since going forward with the work that you currently do?

 Working with this healthy community my eyes have definitely been opened to all the different kinds of food out there for someone with a restricted diet. I love experimenting with new ideas and trying recipes out (even if some of them are failures!). I also love how the healthy eating community is very encouraging and positive in regards to a healthy inside and outside. I’ve learned so much more from being involved that I ever thought I knew in the beginning.

  • Can you share with us a story about a reader that impacted you?

I’ve hosted a few “sugar-free” challenges throughout the years where readers can sign up to quit sugar for varying amounts of times (usually ten days, sometimes one month). It is a fun way to get connected with others who are trying to improve their lifestyle, and all my readers have been very encouraging. I also try to work with other companies for some free giveaways as a little incentive to try the challenge out. I am always amazed at some of the results and reader feedback I get from these. After one challenge a lady emailed me to say that she was kind of addicted to sugar for a while, but was able to completely wean herself off of it for months! She lost weight, didn’t get as many headaches, felt less tired and had more energy, had clearer skin, and she felt more satisfied and less hungry after meals. Check out my website later this summer because I plan on hosting another challenge!

  • What’s been the hardest part of what you do?

One of the hardest parts of what I do is probably explaining to people my goals and ideas on food. I love teaching others and showing them new ways of eating, but it can be frustrating at times when they are closed-minded to new ideas. I will never turn anyone away who wants help in starting a new healthy lifestyle, so feel free to contact me if you ever have questions!

  • What’s been the most rewarding?
The most rewarding is definitely my readers. They are very supportive and kind to me, and I wouldn’t still be doing what I am doing if it wasn’t for them!
banana bread
Alex definitely inspired me when I needed a good kick back onto the healthy path. What’s your relationship like with sugar?
Love Lezlie

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    Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I’m so glad you enjoy my site, and thanks for the interview(:


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