Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kick Off Party

July 17, 2013 — Leave a comment


Earlier this week I had another opportunity to attend a party at the infamous Playboy Mansion with my dear friend and fellow blogger,  Kristine Kelly. I got the last minute invitation in my inbox and really wasn’t sure what to expect but decided to go (with my keys of course). If you aren’t familiar with my keys yet, I’ll fill you in. I always keep these little silver keys on me that say encouraging words like love, blessings, miracle and dreams. When someone is highlighted to me I’ll give them a key with an encouraging prayer. I’ve handed them out to people from all walks of life, the homeless and celebrities included. It’s always an amazing experience and God often shows up in the midst of it.

At this party I handed out 3 keys. The first was to my friend Kristine. The second was to a lovely woman named Eszter who had the most fabulous dress of the night. I added it to the photo gallery below, check it out. And the third was to none other than Snoop Dogg. I knew I had to speak to him because my little brother has loved this man all of his life. But of course, I couldn’t forget my mission. He needed a key. He was incredibly kind and after I gave him his key I asked him if he had any advise for my brother. He said, “Respect your mother, father and elders at all times.”

love lezlie

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