Faith Based Small Business

August 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

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Last week I had the chance to attend SBA’s Faith-Based Small Business Summit. It was the first of its kind in Los Angeles and they shared some great information. My friend Alma, creator of pRAISE invited me and while i was there she also connected me to Ashli from Get Give Grow . Here’s a list of some of the best tips I learned at the summit.

  1. ALWAYS have a BHAG – Big, hairy, audacious goal that you can only reach with help.
  2. Be passionate. If you don’t believe in your product or business not many other people will.
  3. Register with SCORE to get a free business mentor who can assist you with all of your needs. They will assist you with technical help and clean up your business plan.
  4. Non-Profits – the first thing you need to do is buy insurance, especially workers comp.
  5. Branding – the better your branding, the more you can charge. Make sure your personal bio and business cards are superb.
  6. Join the Chamber of Commerce.
  7. Humility – be humble because people want to do business with honest people with integrity.
  8. TEAM work – you can’t do everything on your own so create a solid team of people who have strengths that you don’t and believe in your vision.
  9. Operations – clearly write out how you do what you do so that anyone can fill in your shoes (i.e. if you are sick). Believe it or not, operations is the #1 reason that businesses fail.
  10. Work on your product, business, blog every single day. Do something.



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