L’amour Lemonade & London

August 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

I first met Kytia L’amour through Clarence’s Facebook group A Convo With God last year. This group of 300+ people has really blessed Clarence and me in ways they will probably never know. Kytia and her husband are super creative people and I love the hearts they have for God so naturally I’ve wanted to spend more time with her. We ate at one of my favorite spots, Lemonade, which will always be special to me for a couple of reasons. I used to be a vegetarian for 4 years and during this time Lemonade was one of the few places I could find really delicious vegetarian dishes. Also, I met the owner of the restaurant and he shared with me how he decided to go for his dream and open Lemonade despite it being a horrible time economically. He made it and now I see new locations popping up everywhere!

Oh, and these English telephone booths just happened to be situated behind us in an alley in Pasadena. We WISH we could have flown to London for dessert. Next time!

love lezlie

2 responses to L’amour Lemonade & London


    Lovers unite! Thanks for a great date, sweet Lezlie. =)


    You’re welcome love :D, looking forward to the next one! xo


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