A Gang of Girls

August 14, 2013 — 6 Comments

A few of us (me) rolled out of bed to meet at my favorite spot Urth Caffe the other day. The reason? We had such a productive time with Fly Girls Unite that we felt we should continue to meet. All of these lovely ladies have a heart for God and are connected to entertainment and blogging in some way. I actually had August 12 marked down on my calendar as a day that I was expecting something great to happen after I had a radical encounter with a “homeless man” who baptized me with his tears according to John 8:12. Sounds wild, huh? It was, don’t worry I’ll tell you about the entire encounter in my first e-book, “God Loves You”. Anyway, this meeting meant so much to me because I didn’t realize it but I’ve had a deep wound with groups. I’ve always preferred to hang out with my friends one on one and one of my pet peeves is when I make plans with someone and they invite more people. But this month that exact scenario has happened to me at least 5 times. I finally noticed the pattern and realized that God must be up to something so I accepted it. And guess what? I started to remember all of the times when I was younger that I was wounded by groups of friends who would turn to gossip or not invite me out, slowly I’d retreat.

But God is all about restoration and healing. And this month He’s shown me that it’s safe and even healthy and good to be able to hang out with groups. You get to meet more people that way. And I realize now that although I’ve been hurt before in small groups, today is a new day and it’s necessary for me to be comfortable in group settings. Especially with all that I’m doing for LOVE :). These women are all so incredible and I was blessed by each and every one of them. Check out their links for more info!

love lezlie

6 responses to A Gang of Girls


    Love that you are so open to these new experiences. I wish that I was confident enough to do something like this…maybe I’ll start with a book club meeting :))


    awww a book club would be a PERFECT way to open up to a group Paula :D. I love that idea.


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    I am honored to be apart of such a awesome movement that is Christ centered this is only the beginning of the greater works that Jesus said we’d do.


    Whoa! This same thing used to happen to me too. I would usually try to include people and connect friends with other friends until I started noticing I would soon be excluded from the group in a very blatant and no-so-lovely way. I’m still getting over the fear of that happening as well and letting God do His thing. As long as you’re in line with Him, whoever is meant to be in your life will be there…and the others will slowly disappear.

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