Twist of Fate

August 15, 2013 — 1 Comment

Do you remember the clothing catalog Delia’s with all of the coolest teen fashion? I was obsessed with Delia’s in middle school and one of my favorite models was a girl who seemed to keep popping up in ads. My classmates would tell me about a girl they saw who looked like she could be my sister. At the time I wore my hair long and straight. Several years later in college the same thing happened with music videos. There was a girl who the guys on campus swore could be my sister in the latest Jay Z video. I never knew her name but of course I remembered her face. So after I graduated college I moved to LA and the same face kept popping up but in a mutual friend’s photos (LA gets smaller and smaller the longer you live here). Well, her name is Nydia Rivera and she is such an earth angel. We became friends through social media and now we are “real life” friends :).

Recently we hung out at Pink Taco in Hollywood with a few of her lovely friends Audrey, Amiee and Taschi. While we were hanging out the waitress brought over a drink from “the guy at the bar with the baseball cap”. It turns out he shot a Target ad with Nydia over a decade ago, so he joined the party. I love LA.

Have you ever had a twist of fate experience?

love lezlie

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