Uptown Girls Downtown

September 2, 2013 — 4 Comments

“So Jai, did you like downtown?”

“We are Uptown Girls!”

What do you know about Uptown Girls?”


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, children are the greatest! This weekend I had the chance to take two of my favorite ladies, Lita and her delightful daughter Jai, shopping in downtown LA’s Fashion District. I pretty much take every lady that I love to this secret gem at some point because you can’t beat the prices. This is the place that boutique owners and wholesale shoppers go to buy their clothes before marking them up for resale. I learned really quickly to go straight to the source when possible.

I got to show Lita and Jai something cool and in exchange I was reminded of a few things by Jai.

  • Not many things in life beat the warm embrace of a child.
  • Children have super sonic ears, capable of hearing everything you say (especially when you go out of your way to whisper).
  • They have a favorite color and tend to want EVERYTHING in that color. Jai’s favorite color is pink so she bought pink fingernail polish and a pink suitcase. When I was her age my favorite color was purple.

love lezlie

4 responses to Uptown Girls Downtown


    Kids are such a gift. T
    hanks for the tip about Fashion district. reminds me of Chinatown in New York.


    They sure are :). I’d love to show you the Fashion District sometime Yanick!


    Jai is adorable :))) and your picture taking abilities are growing ♥

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