My Biggest Fear

September 3, 2013 — 5 Comments

What are you most afraid of? Slowly but surely I have faced most of my fears. For the longest my greatest fear was falling down a flight of steps. In the back of my mind I would always fear tripping while walking in a pair of heels. Earlier this year my greatest fear came true when I fell down a flight of stairs at work. Fortunately I walked away with a bruised knee and greater faith that God protects me at all times. But last week as I was writing my latest article for All Women Stalk by the pool I remembered that I have a much older fear than falling down a flight of stairs.

I’m not too fond of water.

I love to drink it. I love to look at it outside of the window (or poolside) as I write. But forget about putting my head under it. When I was really little, around the age of 3, I nearly drowned at daycare. I didn’t know how to swim but all of the children were taken to the pool because it was summer. An older child, who must have been around the age of 6, thought it would be funny to shove me into the deep end. And down I went. I remember kicking and waving all of my limbs in all directions as I continued to sink. I remember the breathing in water through my nostrils and my mouth. I don’t remember who pulled me out or how long it took. I do remember walking away from the experience equating water to danger.

My mom made sure that my little brother and I had swimming lessons when  I was around 7. My brother was a total natural by the end and I could swim from point A to point B but never learned how to tread, dive, or any other kind of movement that meant fully embracing the water. Why am I writing about this? I don’t know. I guess I’m just ready to face my oldest fear head on so I can see what’s waiting on the other side of it.

Oh, but after I face that I will have to face my second oldest fear, singing.

What are you most afraid of?

love lezlie

5 responses to My Biggest Fear


    Water and heights! I play around in pools, but I make sure to stay on the shallow side only. I still get on airplanes despite of my fear of heights, but you will never catch me bungee jumping or skydiving. LOL. Well, maybe, I should not say never…


    Wow Lezlie I would have never guessed those were two of your fears. I am most afraid of caterpillars and being separated from God. I know those are on two completely different sides of the spectrum but the fear is real to me lol But my fears are pretty crazy. I have no reason to be afraid of caterpillars or away from God since I am a Christian. But when you have something so traumatic like what happened to you at daycare, that can stick with you. My sister had a dog chased her when she was little and to this day she tries to avoid dogs as much as possible. We all have our fears but we have to have faith in God that we can overcome them 🙂


    Funny your fear of heights is something I have always embraced. I went skydiving a few years ago and it was so incredible :D. Thanks for sharing!


    haha yup, but I am looking into singing lessons and eventually swimming ;). I had NO idea you were afraid of caterpillars lol. And I am convinced that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God <3.

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