Full Circle

September 9, 2013 — 2 Comments
Photo From OasisLA.org

Photo From OasisLA.org

Lately something really interesting has been happening to me on a semi-regular basis. I will find myself in a physical place and realize that the last time I was at the place I was in a TOTALLY different place in my life. What I am seeing over and over again is that I have truly come full circle in my life. The most recent example of this was Sunday when Clarence and I visited Oasis LA with our friends Adam and Shani. Oasis is really special to me because I always seem to visit this church at critical times in my life. I’m starting to wonder if this is where I’m supposed to grow roots because of the significant impact it’s had on my spiritual life.

The mark of faith is not perfection, the mark of faith is the fight, (Micah 7:7-9).

To keep with tradition, I found myself in tears by the end of the service. Why? Because I found myself sitting in the third section of pews (far right) with my eyes closed. I was sitting towards the front, thanks to Shani who picked out our seats. And as my head was bowed and eyes were closed, the pastor was praying  and I realize that he is going section by section and inviting people to give their lives to The Lord. As he got to my section I remembered that no less than 3 years ago I was sitting in the third section of seats (far right) in a very dark and different place. And the man on the stage was going section by section and having people give their immortal souls to him, not God. You can read more about my testimony about this night in my previous post, The Devil Is A Liar.

After the service we all went to eat and catch up on married life at a restaurant called Home. Again, Shani chose it. She had no idea what had just happened in the service. But I couldn’t help but notice the serendipity in it all. I’ve come full circle, back home to God. And it’s true, there is no place like home.

love lezlie

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    Bless you Lezie and your growth in the Lord!!!

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