Love Doesn’t Boast

September 11, 2013 — 3 Comments

Photo by Adrienn Recio – Melrose


“Jesus always gives me great parking spots.”

Those were the exact words I used as I pulled up to my street. My little brother was visiting me from Texas and I’d been sharing with him all the great things God had done in my life over the past year. One of the “little” things is that I hadn’t worried about parking in months. I noticed it one night when I came home late from class. But as soon as I shared that with him, I bit my tongue. There wasn’t a parking spot in site. How could this be?

I blushed. He didn’t say anything. I don’t even know if he heard my parking comment and chose to graciously ignore it or tuned me out because his big sister was boasting. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time I boasted to my brother. And if that situation hadn’t unfolded the way that it did, I may have never seen it as that. But God used it to highlight to me that it was.

What I considered sharing something cool was actually something else. God is funny like that. He will reveal the deep and hidden things in your heart. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love does not boast. Sure, there will be times when you want to share good news with your close friends and family. But we should remain prayerful about the fine line between sharing and boasting.

3 responses to Love Doesn’t Boast


    God is funny that way isn’t He? I bet He laughs at us all the time when we do stuff like this. Great post!


    I actually never thought of it this way, ESPECIALLY when it comes to sharing things with your family! Thanks for this sis, love you!


    You’re welcome love ❤


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