Love Languages

September 14, 2013 — 3 Comments

When I first started dating Clarence he suggested that we read this book called The 5 Love Languages. The book is a helpful tool that breaks down the different ways people receive love. Most of us go through life expressing love to others in the way that we actually need it. But what if they need love expressed differently? This can lead to misunderstandings and assumptions that the other person may not love you.

Unfortunately we only made it halfway through the book. I’m sure we got carried away with a different book because we are avid readers. I prematurely put the book down and assumed that my primary love language was gifts because I light up when someone gives me something thoughtful. I also love to find or create the perfect gift for others.

I was wrong.

Last week I had to take The 5 Love Languages test online for a leadership position in ministry. To my surprise my primary love language, by a long shot, was Quality Time. The fabulous thing is that it’s also Clarence’s primary love language.

If you would like to take the test for yourself, check out

3 responses to Love Languages


    Now that you have found your true love, quality time has become the main focus. This is the man that you will spend eternity with :))) Quality time with God and our loved ones feels so amazingly good, and is so good for our well being.

    I’ve never been big on presents, but I don’t mind an occasional bunch of wildflowers or a mushy card :))) I don’t often get those things from my husband, but he shows the depth of his love in many ways that I appreciate so much…just today, he came by my office when I got off work and took me to dinner. I like the little surprises that mean so much ♥


    Awwwwww, surprises are so nice :). You know nothing can really replace quality time.

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