It’s All Good

September 16, 2013 — 2 Comments

Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia yet? I loved it because I could relate to the main character Julie in many ways. She transitioned from a dead end job to creating an original blog with the help of her supportive husband all while approaching 30. One of the many dreams I’ve had is to at least take a culinary class if I didn’t attend culinary school all together. Most of the random jobs I’ve had throughout my life were in a restaurant, usually as a host or Maitre’d. I love food despite my strange relationship with it. Fortunately the healing process has begun between me and my food and I’m learning how to nurture myself with real healing foods. Clarence wants to eat healthier too so I decided to imitate Julie and cook my way through It’s All Good by one of my favorite actresses Gwyneth Paltrow.

She created this cookbook when she was feeling fatigued and faint. A visit with her doctor revealed that her adrenals were shot and he put her on an elimination diet of no sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soy or wheat. That’s basically how I am supposed to eat anyway if I’m eating according to my blood type and want to feel my best. But if you have to cut ALL of that stuff out what in the world is left and how could it possibly taste good? Gwyneth says it’s possible to eat this clean and have the dishes taste amazing too. We shall see!

I’ll be sure to post as I cook and tell you if it’s Clarence approved :).

love lezlie

2 responses to It’s All Good


    Looking forward to seeing those recipes :))


    Haha hoping they turn out well :).


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