September 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

“Listen to me. Whatever you do, DON’T put a pair of their pants on.” If I put these fancy pants on I’d be ruined and never wear another line of workout clothes ever again.

That’s the advice my big sis Sukari gave me as we stood in a line of hundreds of people for the Lululemon LA Wharehouse Sale. I figured there was something I just didn’t understand about this line of workout clothes. Why in the world would people willingly wait in a line for 4 hours? That’s right, 4 hours. We made it to 1 hour before deciding we would rather get something to eat at the historical Pantry Cafe downtown. Next time we will get there at 3am with the other hardcore peeps, (maybe). I have several friends that are like sisters to me, but none have ever been a big sister to me like Sukari. I call her my fitspiration because she loves to eat and loves to workout, and it’s the perfect balance. I’m realizing the key (at least for me) for motivation to workout regularly is to find a workout that I love. I’m trying out her gym Equinox this week and I’m already in love. But that’s another post.

Who is your fitspiration? Do you have a favorite workout?

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