Thriving As A Sensitive Being

September 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

I’m about halfway through a book called Overcoming Sugar Addiction by Karly Randolph Pitman. This isn’t the first book that I have read on the subject but it’s different from all of the others. Karly’s approach is to deal with what’s at the root behind addictive behavior and facing the pain that sugar numbs. Instead of running from your feelings, she encourages you to run towards them and fully feel and embrace them. Sounds really sensitive, doesn’t it? Well it has helped me so much and I find that I am really renewing my mind in this season in this area of my life.

I signed up for her newsletter and she sent me an invitation to a conference call she was hosting with another woman named Fiona Moore called Thriving In the World As A Sensitive Being. It was lovely, timely and helpful. Even if you don’t struggle with sugar sensitivity I think these key points can help you if you are a sensitive person, be it physically, spiritually or mentally.

  • When you are sensitive it’s like reading a different language. It’s a subtle language of what each moment is needing. In other words, reading the fine print of life.
  • True healing connects us to our essence.
  • When you begin to live from your essence you will probably find that your path isn’t what you imagined, you begin to live in the moment. You apply your gifting to whatever you do; a mother, a writer, an accountant, etc.
  • Learn to ground yourself because it will help you transform the fear you may be feeling in the moment. A couple of ways to ground yourself is to go for a walk or to cook your own food, especially root plants.
  • You may walk into relationships feeling you have to protect yourself from the energy of the other person, because you are so sensitive. You are creating a state of resistance and putting up a barrier. That can work temporarily, but what you are doing long term is you are cutting off your life energy and this leads to more struggle and more coping behavior. The remedy is  to learn how to meet your experience and hold yourself steadily (grounding) without putting up a barrier to cut yourself off. You learn to trust.

Sensitivity isn’t a problem, it’s a gift. Are you sensitive? If so you can hear the entire audio at the following link,


2 responses to Thriving As A Sensitive Being


    Hi Lezlie,

    How nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words – I’m glad you found the webinar on sensitivity helpful. I’m also happy that my approach to sugar is healing for you. In a few weeks, I’ll be leading people through The 30 Day Lift, a 30 day audio program which gently and compassionately puts the principles of Overcoming Sugar Addiction into practice. If this interests you, you can learn more here:

    I love meeting a kindred spirit, and am glad our paths crossed. Thank you for your lovely work, for all that you do to create a world of greater love and compassion.

    In love and care, Karly



    Thanks Karly! I just finished your book and loved it :D.


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