Beauty Beauty

October 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

Are you familiar with the music of David Brymer? I first started going to The Pasadena House Of Prayer nearly 3 years ago and this is how I first discovered him. There were a few worship sets that I regularly enjoyed, but he was my favorite. David Brymer really sings from his heart and soul and when I listen to him sing to God, I just want to sing to God too :). His album release party was this past weekend in a beautiful outdoor private concert held at William Carey International University.

For more info on David Brymer and to get a copy of his new cd check out


2 responses to Beauty Beauty


    This is my FAVORITE post hehe 😉
    Love the photos you captured, being able to see you & Clarenece, and I can’t stop listening to beauty beauty!! Soo blessed 🙂
    Also, I will email you a request from Rosa shortly!


    Hi Sweet Lady Jane! It was great to see you too, as always. Okay, I’ll look out for the request.


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