Oh, Darling!

October 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Have you checked out Darling magazine yet? I found them on Instagram last year and decided to do more research because I loved all of their posts. Darling is a magazine about the art of being a woman. If you get a chance, take a look at their mission statement. I want to print it and frame it because it’s so beautiful and healthy. Something fun that they’ve done at Darling is divide their articles into different sub-groups. Instead of the typical beauty, style, love, etc. tags they use tags like Hostess, Beautician and Explorer. There isn’t an official test to see which of these lovely categories you fall into, but you can probably guess by reading the descriptions I’ve included below. I think I’m a Dreamer  who is entering a Beautician season that will ultimately lead to me being an Explorer :). You can also check out the original post at the following link.

Which Darling are you?

1. The Hostess

“The Hostess believes that no matter what your life was like in your youth, there is an entirely new story for you to pick up a pen to write—your own story of what you want your home to be like, feel like, look like and smell like.”

2. The Stylist

“The Stylist believes it’s all about dressing for your body, not for someone else’s body. She knows that most women are constantly critiquing their appearance, wishing for a change here or there. But instead of fueling that fire, she advises on healthy perceptions or body type and shape, encouraging love for what you’ve been given.”

3. The Dreamer

“The Dreamer sees these deep places as being closely knitted with the spiritual, and believes that everything has a purpose and deeper meaning—that even though we are holistic beings tangibly rooted on this planet, we cannot forget that this world is infused with the spiritual.”

4. The Confidant

The Confidant believes it is imperative for each woman to embark on a journey of healing for her own mind, heart and soul. The Confidant believes communication is an art form, and the weight of our words is immeasurable. Take, for example, the power of a slanderous statement in contrast with the life-giving strength of a timely encouraging word. A confidant is defined as a close friend or associate to whom secrets are confided or with whom private matters and problems are discussed. 

5. The Beautician

The Beautician believes that caring for yourself well is to bring into reality the value of your being, your essence, and your own mark of beauty upon this world. Nutrition, exercise, skin, hair and body care are essential to well-being.

6. The Achiever

The Achiever sees the world as a place for potential, and herself being an active participant, a valuable commodity, and an instrument in making the world turn. 

7. The Intellectual

The Intellectual believes that although the heart, mind and spirit are all connected, it seems as though the mind has the greatest influence. You think, you speak. You think, you create. You think, you act. You think, you feel. Your thoughts dictate your actions, for better or worse.

8. The Explorer

The Explorer admires figures like Mother Teresa, who literally embodied love in their being, leaving their “normal” life behind for a life of adventure and service to others. She longs to sail across the world to discover new things—to see everything, meet everyone and help those in need in the process.


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