Caffe Coco

October 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

My favorite restaurant in Kauai, hands down, is Caffe Coco. I spotted it tucked away in a little corner on my first night when I walked back to my car from eating at Kauai Family Cafe. The beautiful colors drew me in initially but once I was inside I fell in love. The owner spoke with us about how she lived in California for a while before moving back to the island and staring her business. She was so kind and honest, I could tell.

The interesting thing about Kauai is that the rain can pour down at any given moment and often for just a moment. It decided to do so a couple of minutes after we sat down to eat on the romantic patio. But they have wonderful customer service and rushed us to an inside table and even gave us some amazing potstickers on the house. Everything on the menu was exceptional. If only there was an LA location :(.

What’s your favorite place to eat and why?


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