Love Actually

October 18, 2013 — 2 Comments

Have you ever sat down to write a list of what you would want in a spouse? My mom had my brother and I do this when we were little, though I don’t remember what I wrote at the time. I never took the time to do it as an adult. A few of my friends did this and I always thought it was pointless because how can you narrow down a person on paper? I thought if I wrote it down I would start to limit myself. But I will say that by the time that I met my husband Clarence I knew what I didn’t want, even though I hadn’t written down what I wanted.

When Clarence and I first started dating, or “courting” as he called it, he told me pretty early on that he was looking for a wife. I admired his boldness and how direct he was with me, at least I knew exactly what I was dealing with. He also told me that he and his best friend Kofi took the time to write out a list of what they were looking for in their future wives. I never saw the list but he did share it with me. Many of the points were attributes of mine and some of the others were at least desires on my heart.

Life has a funny way of working itself out. Kofi and Ericka started dating around the same time we did and they got married a few months before we did. I had to ask the guys over a piece of blueberry pie at Hanalei Coffee Roasters what it was like to now have us together on a trip, in the flesh, after praying into this long before we appeared in their lives. They said it was “crazy” :). And they agreed that we were great matches for the other. I’m Kofi approved, yay! And I LOVE Ericka.


2 responses to Love Actually


    2 years ago I wrote down the traits/characteristics that I want in a husband. I have not met him yet, and I think that is because God is preparing me for him and him for me. I guess I have a lot to work on. LOL Sometimes I still think that I have to be some sort of perfect to have a wonderful, successful, God-fearing husband- Like, knowing most of the bible by heart, cook good, look good at all times (especially after I pop out the babies), never be argumentative, yada yadee, blah blah blah. *shrugs* I just wonder who he is…


    I never wrote a list but somehow I always knew what I wanted in a man and God sent me what I was looking for. I think its always good to know what you want in a partner, pray about it, be patient and not settle for less.

    Ps: Beautiful photos you got there. I really need a holiday. x


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