The Power Of Forgiveness

October 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Netflix just recommended the greatest documentary to me. It’s called Power of Forgiveness. I feel like forgiveness is my #1 lesson in life since I’m called to love. After all, that’s what the cross is about. I consider myself a pretty forgiving person by nature. In the past I was a bit like a volcano where I would dismiss things, or ignore them, sometimes for years. And then the person would do something, something not outside of their character, but it was just the right timing and I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought that forgiveness was just avoiding conflict and keeping the peace, but it’s not. Thankfully I feel more like a river now, instead of a volcano. I still pick and choose my battles and don’t really find wisdom in bringing up every little thing that bothers me about someone. People are people. I’m sure that I annoy people as well, even those closest to me.

I think what’s help me the most in growing in forgiveness are the following points –

  • Forgiveness doesn’t always lead to reconciliation. If the other person doesn’t want to be accountable for their end of the relationship, it may just be the end of the relationship.
  • Forgiveness is really for you more than the other person. It prevents you from forming a hardened heart.
  • Learning to not take things personally helps with not getting offended. Even if they meant to offend you.

The Fetzer Institute is responsible for this lovely documentary. I really love what they stand for. Oh, and if you are looking for more tips on how to forgive, check out this handy list they provided. You can also read more on Love and Forgiveness at


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