La Costa Film Festival

October 31, 2013 — 2 Comments

Call it divine timing but while I was in San Diego last week with Clarence for his classes at La Costa Resort there happened to be a film festival. In fact, it was the first annual La Costa Film Festival and the day that I was on site they had a free panel discussion on short films and documentaries. If you have thought about creating your own story on screen, the following resources will really help you with your journey.

  • Join the IDA if you want to make a documentary.
  • Create a Kickstarter campaign to help get financial funding for your project.
  • Upload your short and stay in the loop with festivals on Short Film Depot.
  • Check out this awesome Aspiring Filmmakers article and video at the end!


2 responses to La Costa Film Festival


    So glad you were able to attend the Filmmaker’s panel discussion last Saturday! Please visit our website – as plans for the La Costa Film Festival 2014 will soon be underway. Hope to see you next year!


    Thank you Anna! I will definitely check it out :).


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