God’s Chosen Fast – Part 1

November 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

I rarely reblog from other sites but this blogpost from Ancient Paths really struck my heart and I want to share it with you.

God has a chosen fast for you. He chose it for you – it is not something you come up with or decide to do. I promise He has one designed just for you, and often times we don’t recognize it. The fast He has chosen for us.

What is the one thing you have been longing for, or that promise or prophetic word that was given 10 years ago that you have been waiting for but don’t have? What is that one thing that makes you feel neglected and deprived? Or, is it a reproach you long for the Lord to remove? Or is there an area of injustice your longing to be made right?

It would be that one thing that the enemy uses over and over to accuse WHO God is to you. It causes you to question WHO you are, and Gods love for you in this area.

I have GOOD NEWS! This one thing is God’s gift to you! This is His chosen fast for you, and it is HIS GIFT! This thing you don’t have is the very thing designed to bring you to Him! Your gift is HIM!

We can become so frustrated as to WHY we don’t have it, because, God Said it! Or, we just desperately desire it, not even knowing if God said it, or wants to give it to us. Either way it leaves us longing. It leaves us longing because we think it is about that ONE THING, we think it is about having or obtaining something, being someone, or even doing something for Him. It is not about these things at all. That very desire He put in your heart is the instrument He gave you to bring you to Him.  But instead of letting that thing bring us to Him, so many times we become angry, accuse God, become jealous.  We become jealous of those who have what we want, we burn with envy and end up putting ourselves in a prison.  We see this over and over in scripture – the promises God gives that leaves a longing, and we see the things birthed out of that.  We see Hannah in her bareness and reproach; her bareness was a reproach to those around her that created great grief in her heart.  We even see the one next to her provoking her. God has a provoking for you.

This is His way!

We see it in Sara’s life. We see the things that are birthed out of bareness and reproach, things that are birthed out of what is not. He brings to birth those things that are not, to bring things forth by His power.  Samuel was birthed from the bareness of Hannah, John the Baptist was birthed from the bareness of Elizabeth, look at what came forth from the barrenness of Rachael!

So, how do you respond? That is the question.

Watch for God’s Chosen Fast part 2!

Taken from a teaching from Michelle Seidler in Yalta, Ukraine April, 2013

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