I Love LA

November 11, 2013 — 5 Comments

It seems like LA is one of those places you either love or hate. When I first moved here from Texas this old man told me that if I could make it past the two year mark, I could make it here. It seemed to be true because it took two years for me to feel settled in this town. And over the course of my first two years of living here, most of the people that I met moved back to wherever they came from. They couldn’t take the constant rejection, crushed dreams and the seemingly lack of authenticity from people (aka “plastic”). I couldn’t walk away from this place though, no matter how much I wanted to at times.

Now I consider it my new home and I’ve truly grown to love it. The people are so interesting, it’s never dull. There is so much creativity in this place, I’m always inspired. The history is so rich. So here are my top 5 favorite things about LA.

  1. There is never a shortage of beauty.
  2. KCRW always exposes me to the most eclectic music.
  3. The Fashion District because it’s a dream come true if you love clothes.
  4. You can order anything off of The Griddle Cafe menu and be more than satisfied.
  5. It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle here because there are tons of health food stores and restaurants around.

Btw have you seen Jared Leto’s love video to LA yet? It’s so good :).

5 responses to I Love LA


    Didn’t we see Jared Leto at a pizza place in Larchmont Village one time?


    We sure did sis 😀


    I guess that’s another great thing about LA 🙂 getting to witness celebrities a normal people. Brings some perspective to things.


    True! I see them all the time. They are just people :), but it’s always exciting.

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