Love Doesn’t Dishonor Others

November 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

To dishonor someone means to bring shame or disgrace on that person. I’m watching this Indie movie called In A Day and this character describes how he was bullied by some kids who beat him up and took his saxophone and destroyed it. And it hit me, bullying is definitely one way we can dishonor others. It’s so easy to do and we may not even recognize we are doing it. It can come in the form of a passive aggressive pick on another person in front of other people. It can happen through words, but also through physical assault like shoving and hitting. It can happen through name calling like “punk”, “sissy” or “loser”. It always hurts the other person because it makes them feel unloveable.

We should use our words to edify and build each other up. And we should never resort to violence out of anger or frustration.

2 responses to Love Doesn’t Dishonor Others


    Amen! Sadly social media has taken bullying up several notches with written abuse able to be seen by so many and private messages written where no one can see but the reader can cut like a nice…can’t we all just get along?


    Yeah :(, it breaks my heart whenever I see a story about a teen committing suicide because of cyber bullying. It seems like it’s really common.


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