Actors Gonna Act

November 20, 2013 — 5 Comments

I recently went through all of my folders on my laptop and found a few audition clips. For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to share them. If nothing else you can learn from my mistakes and see that I actually do speak and don’t just type into a screen :). Here’s to being vulnerable!

Tip 1 – If you have a last second audition and have to have an accent that you aren’t sure how to pull off either speak in your regular accent or hire a private accent coach IMMEDIATELY. This was a last minute audition for a South African character named Pushy in Blue Crush 2

Tip 2 – Be as creative as possible when you have the freedom to do so. My manager Mark Blake got me a last minute audition for a character named Smart. They simply gave me the lines and asked me to record it, but I decided to create the action (applying makeup). 

Tip 3 – KNOW your frame! This was shot during a recent Master’s Commercial Callback class. After 7 years I should know to sit with my legs closed in a dress but I assumed that they were shooting from the waist up. I was wrong! And that’s okay, but if you don’t know your frame ask the casting director.

Tip 4 – If your coach tells you that you can choose a scene to prepare, pick a scene that you love. Learn your lines backwards and forwards and be confident! This is your chance to let go and have fun.

love lezlie

5 responses to Actors Gonna Act


    All nice Lez. .. Video 1, I like the accent.. spot on. Video 2 was funny, your facial expressions and movements had me laughing. Video 3 .. Not really sure what was happening there.. seemed like you two were kind of serious there towards the end.. or just good acting .. (and don’t worry you couldn’t see anything). Number 4 was my favorite .. reminded me of the character you played in the Femme Fatal video.. that little look away at 1:48.. ha.. nice. Leaves one to imagine.. that was intense. Good work though overall … you’re a great actress. I want to see you in a major film ….


    This might sound weird, but I like your speaking voice. Haha. This post kind of reminds me of Black Actress by Andrea Lewis. Have you seen it? You should check it out if you haven’t.

    Your hair is quite lovely too, can you share your hair regimen?


    Thank you so much for the feedback Will :). Acting in a feature film is one of my oldest dreams so I’m right there with you lol. I think in the 3rd video we were taking direction from the casting director at the end after she gave us tips. But we also chose to set the tone as dry and witty. I loved shooting the 4th clip. When I saw my favorite actress Audrey Tautou perform it in Priceless I knew I had to recreate it.


    I haven’t seen it before but I’m going to google it now :). LOL, thanks it’s always weird to hear your own voice so that is good feedback. I will make a video post on my hair regimen soon ;). Thanks for reading Coley Cole!

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