Beijing Nights

November 30, 2013 — 4 Comments

The cool thing about traveling with China Spree is that you always have downtime, especially in the evenings. I personally think the best way to experience any city is with a resident if possible. Well, we were blessed because one of Clarence’s friends from high school lives in Beijing and took us around town two nights in a row. I can honestly say that we partied like a pop star because Jeff is an actual pop star in China. He’s so chill and down to earth and it was so fun for me to see Clarence hang out with an old friend. In Beijing they hang out until 5am, much like Ibiza. And as tired as we were from the time change and site seeing with our group there was no way we were going to miss this :). So we did it, no regrets. I’m thankful to Jeff for showing us the new Beijing and introducing me to my first Beijing friend, Sarah.

4 responses to Beijing Nights


    I love these pictures!! You all look sooooo happy, makes me want to go to Beijing! It must have been incredible!


    It was so much fun :)!! We went back a second night lol. Glad you like the photos ❤️.

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