Home On the Range

December 29, 2013 — 2 Comments

I think that I was equally as excited for Clarence to go shoot guns with my brother and dad as he was. On our trip home to San Antonio for Christmas, they took Clarence down to our land. I think we are the last black family to own hundreds of acres in the area of Goliad, Texas. Both of my dad’s parents owned hundreds of acres and thankfully we have managed to take care of it throughout the generations. Like many Southern families, our ancestors are a blend of African Americans who were decedents of slaves, Caucasian owners/lovers/adventurous “spouses”, and Native American (specifically Cherokee). My dad told me that on one side of the family our ancestors only bought the land. What sucks about that is that there are minerals (aka oil) underneath the land. But on the other side, everything is owned. So I like to pray for our spiritual and literal inheritance to be released, oil baby, texas tea :).

Anyway, I stayed home and watched Christmas movies on TCM while they played with guns. When they walked in the door my dad couldn’t wait to to tell me that my husband was “pretty impressive with shot gun, AK, you name it.” And he meant it. It’s great when your spouse can blend right in with your family, isn’t it?

On the land, 1800's

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