Little San Francisco

December 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

I fell in love with Austin the summer I worked on the set of Idiocracy as Maya Rudolph‘s double. Texas is a cool place, but I grew up in San Antonio and I always felt like I needed to move somewhere that was more creative. Austin was my temporary answered prayer because they had a growing music and movie scene with Austin City Limits and South By Southwest. My dad always called Austin, “Little San Francisco” because it is the most liberal town in Texas. In fact, their motto is Keep Austin Weird. I always thought my dad was just being his normal conservative self with that comment but when Clarence and I visited the other day, Clarence said “this town feels totally different, it reminds me of San Francisco.” I had to laugh.

So, I don’t know what your relationship with God is like but with me he often uses humor and irony. While we were in Austin, my friend from LA was there at the same time. The funny thing about it is that we have tried to connect in LA at least a handful of times throughout 2013 and for whatever reason it always fell through. But here we are in Texas (she’s from Austin originally) over the holidays and we were finally able to connect so she could meet Clarence. She’s a significant part of my story in that she was a part of a tiny bible study I attended through Oasis Church when I felt God was really calling me back several years ago. She only attended the study 3 times so we always joke that the purpose was to connect with me. I really value her friendship because she is one of the few people in LA that I feel like I can talk to about anything and she can relate, be it God, the industry, and seeking/finding a Christian man.

I love Austin and I love that girl too :).

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