125th Annual Rose Parade

January 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

The night Clarence and I returned home to Pasadena from Hawaii we wound up on the same train as a former USC graduate named Global. As soon as he opened his mouth it was clear that he was a very special man. He was like a walking encyclopedia and we later found out he can speak to you in 12 languages. By the time we stepped off the train he had invited us to his annual New Year Day gathering to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. And not on TV. We had no idea what to expect but we decided to take a chance and get up at 5:45 to walk over to his place from ours because there was no way we were going to get parking if we drove.

It was legit.

I grew up watching the Rose Bowl Parade on TV so I had to see it in the flesh at least once now that we live in the city. And this year the theme was “Dreams Come True.” There were so many beautiful floats and the energy of the crowd was highly spirited. I took the liberty of judging the floats for you :).

  • Prettiest Float – Definitely goes to Indonesia, the colors were stunning and the float was perfection.
  • Creepiest Float – That would have to be Kaiser Permanente. As the float passed by us these larger than life “babies” jumped up in their crib and scared the mess out of everyone. not cute.
  • Most Creative – technically it wasn’t a float but Stanford’s band was the most creative. They painted the inside of their instruments and it was fun to watch them. (MSU was the funkiest band, they brought the music).

Oh and I got really excited because I saw a float that had LOVE on the front of it. I started snapping photos and as I made my way up to the top of the float I realized it was two guys standing on a wedding cake. It was the couple who received buzz for being the first gay couple to get married on a Rose Parade Float. The float was for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Beware, there are a ton of photos below.

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