Dolores Hart

January 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

I wrote this post while watching this documentary so if it sounds a bit scattered and out of order, my apologies.

Movie star or a nun. When I was a little girl that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. Naturally, I was drawn to Dolores Hart. She worked alongside Elvis, Marlon Brando and Warren Beatty. If she would have continued her contract would have been worth $1,000,000. But in the back of her mind she dreamt of the monastery. She loved the capacity it offered for true community with God. And eternal Love is the mystery that she found there.

She got engaged but then got an invitation from the monstery she visited that said if she was still interested in becoming a nun, now was the time. So she broke it off. The man she was engaged to still visits her today, 48 years later. People talk to her about every kind of suffering. She says that if you can find hope you might find faith. People talk to her about every kind of suffering. She says that if you can find hope you might find faith.

She wanted to be an actress and knew that God was on her side. When she was in Hollywood she got up at 6am whether she was working or not to go to mass. Did she pray to get the part of “Loving You?” You bet, every role she got, she prayed for. She was feeling fatigued after 9 months working on a show and a friend suggested she go rest with the nuns in the country. So she went and loved it, it felt peaceful and she knew she was herself there. The concern she had was it was wrong to be a Catholic and be in the movies because you can get involved sexually and her leading star was Elvis. The head nun said, “well why not? You’re a girl. Chastity doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate what God created. Chastity says, use it well.” So she left with peace and said, “I’ll come back.”

To her, prayer is keeping a constant openness that God exists. A monastery is like a powerhouse of prayer, they are God’s representatives on earth and they make a decision to surrender their lives. Many of them had boyfriends but there was something else that was not meeting the call to a spouse, that wasn’t intense enough. Many of them tried most things that people think make them happy. One nun shared how in her previous corporate life she went down the road of alcohol and drug addiction. This shocked me! She still goes to AA, even as a nun.

I loved this short documentary because it showed that nuns are people too. I also loved listening to these women share their incurable desire to know God because I have this in me. Do you have it too?

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