Children Of God

January 16, 2014 — Leave a comment


miranda nelson

I’ve watched God do some wonderful things this season in my friends’ lives. It seems to be a season or reaping. I know I said that in an earlier blog post, but it really does. We have to reap before we can sow and I watched my dear friend Miranda sow into her first book Take Your Place In The Kingdom throughout 2013. I wrote next to her last summer at The Huntington but my book is only 1/3 finished :). That’s because I stopped and started working on other projects. One thing I learned from Miranda is focus and having intention, they are keys to getting great things done. This morning I heard a sermon by Charles Stanley and he said, ” Direct your thoughts, control your emotions and you will ordain your destiny.”

I’m so excited for Miranda and she is such an inspiration to me. If you are curious about the supernatural or God, definitely grab a copy of her book from Amazon. Oh and the photos are from our day at Anthropologie. I thought it was appropriate because there is a really cool story to Darling Magazine that’s sold exclusively in Anthropologie. The owner of Darling felt God directing her to buy the name over 5 years ago. Nothing really happened for several years until God finally connected some dots for her. Now her magazine is growing rapidly in popularity and loved by so many.

Trust God, be faithful with your talents and He will bless the works of your hands.

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