Love Is Not Easily Angered

January 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

This part of the description of love has never really been an issue for me. Sure, I get annoyed like everyone else. And I definitely have my limits. But I have never had a short temper or been easily angered. So, I prayed about it because I still believe there is always room to grow with God and there is always deeper revelation. What I do know is that I have always been a bit of a volcano. Slow anger. What I mean is that I will be incredible patient for months, even years with a person. But then one day… :). I remember years ago I watched this silly movie called Anger Management and Adam Sandler’s character said there are two types of people in this world.

  1. There is the woman who walks up to the cash register and gripes and complains to the cashier about every tiny thing, all the while yelling, angry.
  2. There is the cashier who patiently listens to customer after customer gripe each day, until one day she can’t take it anymore.

Neither people are handling their anger in the best way. What I’ve learned to do since entering a relationship with Clarence is to actually talk about issues as they come up, but with patience and love (naturally). I don’t hold on to things anymore and suppress them for some unfortunate soul on an inopportune day. And I guess what I’ve learned through growing in this area of my life is that it’s okay to get angry, as long as there is respect. I’ve also learned that the people who truly love me will still be there if I get angry, even though it’s a side of me they rarely see.

We are human and we have emotions for a reason. It’s part of our experience. I think it’s good to face all of our emotions, but if possible, always stay grounded in love.

How do you handle anger?

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