Slowing My Roll

January 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hello Lovers,

I recently shared on my Facebook page that I am partnering with Online Media Diva to create original content. They have asked me to create not one, but two, new blogs this season. I’m really excited about this opportunity because they have business insight that I don’t have as an artist. In addition to writing regularly for these new sites they will also help me in the next phase of growing Love Lezlie. Since I am developing these sites from the ground up I won’t be posting as regularly on Love Lezlie, at least for a few weeks. But I will still keep in touch when I can. The 90 Day Challenge is still on, so don’t quit and please message me if you need to chat about it. Taking this challenge and blogging regularly is what opened the door to write for these new sites. They are still in the developmental stages, but you can check them out in the very near future for regular content.

  1. Skinny Decaf Latte – a health and wellness blog dedicated to living on an elimination diet of no sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Product reviews and recipes posted weekly.
  2. Pretty Diaries – a lifestyle blog with beauty as the foundation, by Kristine Kelly and moi :).

Thank you again for reading and all of your support.

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