Love Doesn’t Delight In Evil

February 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

So you want to play with magic? Boy you should know what you’re falling for.

Evil isn’t always some scary monster. Sometimes evil is incredibly seductive and pleasing to the eye. There is such  a thing as beautiful evil. I’m no stranger to magic or evil. I’ve shared sparingly before on this blog that on my journey for truth I ran away from the church straight into the arms of the enemy for several years of my life. God never left me, but I left Him. And during that time I had A Book Of Shadows and learned all about power and manifestation. I share this once again because when I woke up the other day I saw several postings on Facebook from friends of mine who are Christian. They spoke about their anger and disgust about several of the performances on the annual Grammy awards, which I didn’t watch. People were mad about Macklemore’s “Same Love” performance where couples of opposite and same sex were married during the performance. Others were mad at Beyonce’s racy performance with her husband Jay Z on stage where she mocked physical abuse singing, “Eat the Cake”, a reference from Ike & Tina’s story. But what I was particularly hurt by was Katy Perry’s performance “Dark Horse”. We all know that she was raised in the church. I guess her performance is particularly heart breaking to me because she’s clearly chosen darkness.

Don’t be fooled friends. Many performers perform full blown rituals on stage, the stage is their alter. This particular ritual that she performed is known as The Witch’s Sabbath. I knew that Katy was on a different course when I saw the cover of this magazine in my doctor’s office. Pink wigs are never good. Neither is the one eye salute (often the left eye to represent the left handed path).

katy perry

I’m not writing this to hate on Katy Perry. I’m writing this because love doesn’t delight in evil. And for me, part of my process of sanctification has included letting go of a lot of the entertainment that I once loved. I honestly try not to pay too much attention to what many of these artists put out because it’s a distraction from God. But if a particular person touches my heart I pray for them. I don’t consider my prayers to be something done in vain. People prayed for me and I’m grateful that I was set free from the bondage in my life and able to find my way back to truth.

There are still times where I find myself delighting in something that’s not of God. But I quickly feel His spirit nudge me and I know what I have to do about it :). Do you?

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