First 4 Words

February 5, 2014 — 4 Comments

I’ve always loved these games! I saw this on Paula’s Facebook page and the first 4 words that I saw were loyal, talented, outspoken  and sweet. Which 4 words do you see?

4 responses to First 4 Words


    Hey Lezlie, That is cool! I like the smiley face and as I glanced at it, my four words just seemed to pop out at me – passionate, happy, peaceful and serve. I am passionate about God Almighty and my beloved family, I am happy that God has saved me and blessed me so abundantly, I am a peaceful person, never wanting to cause waves and avoiding drama, and I serve – in my church and Sunday School, other women by leading two Bible studies, helping with my grandkids from time to time, sending cards to people. This seemed to peg me pretty good. Thanks! Sandra


    I can’t remember the 4th word but I got drama, serve, and love. 🙂


    Drama?! No way hehe.


    That’s so cool, thanks for sharing Sandra 🙂


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