Power Vs Authority

July 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

power vs authority


Hey Lovers,

I won’t forget the woman in this photo even though I only captured her back. Why? Well I actually took another photo of her as we passed her in the car and got the front of her. I was busy snapping away the people and the sites of Quito and for some reason she caught my attention (probably her colorful shirt and hat). When I snapped the photo of her from the front she pointed right at the lens and said something. My camera jammed. It still had a full battery and it never gives m problems. But I kept trying to start it and it wouldn’t. I mentioned it to Miranda because it was strange. Finally the red light went away and I was able to see the images on my camera. Guess what? The image of the woman from the front wasn’t on my camera. This woman exercised some kind of power, for whatever reason, and didn’t allow her image to be taken.

I’ve heard that some people believe that if you take their photo you take their soul and so they refuse to have their photo taken. Maybe this was the case with the woman in the orange shirt. Maybe it was something else. But I know what I experienced in that split second with her and my camera and it was really bizarre. It got me thinking about the many supernatural, and really just spiritual, encounters I’ve had. I know many Christians who are fearful to go into the world and even more who are fearful of the enemy. Though I think it’s wise to have discernment, we certainly shouldn’t be afraid. If He is for us, who can be against us?

Throughout my trip I read Miranda’s book called “Take Your Place In The Kingdom“. She has a chapter on power vs authority and I couldn’t agree more with what she wrote!

This is the difference of power and authority: power demonstrates signs and miracles, but authority demands respect. We know that the Holy Spirit releases power on God’s people (Acts 1:8), but Jesus also commissioned us with authority so that we can walk in His power and have His backing. Authority is the higher realm. Even demons have a form of power, but they flee at the name of Jesus. Sometimes all it takes is speaking out truth and then watching as God does the rest.


What’s your experience been like with power and authority? Have you seen signs and wonders from both sides of this spiritual battle? Do you walk in authority?


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