Little People Of Ambato

July 29, 2014 — 3 Comments



Hello there lovers,

I wanted to share with you the little people of Ambato. Ambato is a city about 4 hours from Quito that we visited towards the end of our trip. On this particular day we had the option to go help a woman who needed her home painted or to serve the little people of Ambato. We were warned that their living conditions were pretty dirty and that they were living in poverty. I could sense resistance or at least hesitance from many of the people in our group. But the pastors encouraged us all to push ourselves in new ways. For some of us that meant getting on a microphone and sharing a word that God had given us for a total stranger. For others it was serving the little people of Ambato ;).

Honestly, this was my favorite part of the trip. I was born to do this kind of work so I jump at opportunities like this. When we got there the six siblings made their way back to the house (some were carried inside from the field) so we could meet them. They ranged in height from 3 feet to 5 feet and are believed to be between the ages of 65-80. No one knows for sure. Three of the siblings are high-functioning and the other three are low-functioning, but they all have deteriorating health.

It’s believed that they were abandoned when they were children and somehow managed to raise themselves without outside help. The government finally built a small home for them but they weren’t taught how to use things so they don’t shower or bathe. We were told that the only time their clothes are changed is when a group like ours from the church comes to do it.

When I walked inside their home I immediately connected with the two sisters, Zoilita and Margarita. Margarita was the older sister and was higher functioning. You could tell she kind of ran the place, though she didn’t really speak. I washed her hair for lice and cut it, but not too much because she likes to have some length. After that, I washed Zoilita and changed her clothes. I then had the chance to wash her feet and apply lotion. Her feet were caked with mud because she never wears shoes or socks, even outdoors. I had a moment when I was washing her feet where the scripture of Jesus washing his disciples feet came to mind. At first I was washing her feet without much thought. But as I thought of Jesus and what this act of service meant, I suddenly saw her as a woman getting a pedicure in LA. I wanted it to be the best foot cleaning/massage she ever had. And she smiled and laughed with joy.

But Zoilita carried more joy than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’ve never seen anything like it and I doubt I ever will again.

Before we left, our whole group prayed over them and sang a few songs for them. They were so sweet. And on the way out the door Margarita made an “X” on me. One of the girls from the church gasped and said that Margarita was blessing me. That totally made my week.

I’ll never forget the little people of Ambato. They changed me and I’m grateful. If you want to read more about them and how you can possibly help, check out this blog post “The Little People of Ambato“. And thanks Katie Shinn for the couple of photos towards the end of this gallery ;).

3 responses to Little People Of Ambato


    Absolutely beautiful. You can see the joy in their eyes!


    Fascinating story! Bless you and all who help minister to these simple people.

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