Are You French?

November 20, 2014 — 1 Comment

french woman


Hey Lovers,

I’m a total Francophile, that’s no secret. My favorite movie is Amelie, my favorite genre of film is general French, lol. I have attempted to learn French probably 5x since I was in college, but I usually stop after a week and start watching movies again. It’s still on my bucket list to actually learn the most beautiful language ever (Clarence fights me on this and insists it’s actually Portuguese). Whatever you say buddy.

Okay so the reason for this post is that while I was traveling throughout Asia, particularly China, I was asked by 4 different men on 4 different occasions if I was French. *Gasp*. In my dreams I am French. I wondered if they were picking up on the desires of my heart? But really, why were all of these guys asking me if I was French. Most of them were Chinese men, but one was Russian and another was Turkish. I finally asked the last guy what made him think that. Can you guess what his answer was?

Because you look so romantic.

Was this dude hitting on me? I don’t know. Maybe. But there may have been some things honestly lost in translation. My friend who witnessed this final occurrence (she happens to be from London) said that maybe they meant French-Moroccan.

Moroccan woman

This is a photo of a Moroccan woman. When I was in college I worked with a Moroccan man and when I wore my hair curly he would say in his native accent, “You would fit right in with the women back at home”.

I am sharing this with you all because it was weird. That’s really the only reason. Also, if you have any insight into French culture or sub-culture that I may be totally oblivious to despite being a Francophile, please share.

Do you know why multiple men mistook me for a French woman in China? LOL!


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