When God’s Finger Rests On You

December 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

God's finger

I got the following message in a newsletter from Teresa Parker. Her book, Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds and Stopped Trying to Earn God’s Favor has helped me so much with my personal struggle with food and God. I thought it was a great message for the new year and wanted to share it with you. The following are her words.

Maybe there’s been a time when you’ve felt God’s finger resting on you. You felt Him saying, “I choose you,” but you were too afraid to answer. You like the rich, young ruler1went away sad. It was money that was standing between you and Him, but it was something you felt you couldn’t do without.

Maybe you thought He was wrong or ridiculous for pointing His supernatural finger at you because you knew what He wanted. He wanted you to help recreate you into the person of destiny He planned for you to be even before you were born.

You know and He knows that you are physically in no shape to be catapulted into this amazing destiny He has planned for you. He dreams of the time when you, like the Princess you are, will step into the center of the dance floor and take His hand for the dance of destiny.

He requires something of you when His finger rests lovingly on your shoulder. He requires that you follow closely and listen carefully. He requires you give up the things you have gone to in place of Him, certain foods you think you can’t live without. When you fall, He just asks that you get back up and keep walking the journey He’s called you to. He is after your heart — the essence of you completely committed to the essence of Him.

Becoming healthy is not about being perfect. It’s about putting forth effort. When you put forth effort every day, consistently that’s when transformation happens. It’s the process of change. And God is into change. He’s into recreation. It’s His business.

Will it hurt? Probably. Will it take time, dedication and willpower? Most definitely. You will need to make healthy decisions and yes, you will have to say no when everyone else is saying yes. It will require sacrifice.

Eating healthy is an intentional decision. There will be temptations, especially this time of year. You will have to push your body to the max and then some more.

You will want to stop, but you will not. Because you are committed. You are a warrior, depending on the strength of the Almighty God to move every ounce of despair you have forward to victory.

You will realize how weak you are in your natural state. But you will begin to get excited about how strong you become when you depend on Him for strength.

When you want to give up, remember why you are on this journey and how important it is for you to be strong in every part of your being — body, soul and spirit.

For every time you withstood temptation. For every moment you pushed yourself to move when all you wanted to do is lay and moan. For every time you continued when you wanted to give up. For each of these you will receive your reward multiplied when you reach your goal and then continue to live healthy.

Transforming and continuing to transform will be worth every moment. Because you now have become a NEW CREATION. Now on this side of new, you never want to go back to the old bondage you were in.

And you feel God’s finger resting on you. And you hear Him saying, “You did good, my child. You did good.” And it will be worth it on that day. 

Mark 10:17-27 NLT

Psalms 139:13-16 NLT

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT


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