LA Blogcademy Scholarship

January 13, 2015 — 2 Comments

Hey Lovers,

One of the people I studied for a while before deciding to start my own blog was the ever lovely Gala Darling. Her site is always so colorful and I love how she shares her heart and speaks her mind. She started The Blogcademy with two of her girlfriends and they travel the world giving workshops to aspiring bloggers and active bloggers. I’ve wanted to attend the past few years but was always out of town or had something going on. This is the first year I will be in town and I’d LOVE to go. They give one scholarship to a blogger one ash city, so I thought I’d try. Why not?

If you are in the LA area and interested, check out The Blogcademy for more info.



2 responses to LA Blogcademy Scholarship


    iam a pencile, in the hand,s of the creator, and he can use it and write anything he wanted.

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