Christian Vegan Chat With Hannah

January 23, 2015 — 3 Comments


Hey Lovers,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Hannah McNeely and got to have amazing vegan lunch at her place. I first heard about Hannah through my friend Kim Julie (aka Brussels Vegan) in Tokyo. She thought I’d enjoy her blog because she is Christian and also eats a plant based diet. I’d been searching for other Christians who choose to eat a plant based diet because, well, I don’t know many. Scripture doesn’t command us to eat any particular way, we are simply told that whether we eat or drink we should do it for the glory of God.

Since I’ve started seeking others in this small sub-group I’ve found about a handful :). My hope is to interview each of them in the coming weeks so I can learn from them as well as share their perspectives on how their eating is a form of worship and a way to take care of their temples.

Whenever I decide to make a change in life, I like to study the lives of others’ who have done what I’d like to do and figure out how they have been able to do it successfully. This is my hope in interviewing other lovers like Hannah. Check out our video chat above for more!

I’ve always been interested in compassion, kindness and love. It’s the reason I created this blog. Now I’m at a place in life where I am aligning those things with my way of eating. My husband told me that he once studied the same thing to see if it was possible. He studied Gandhi and found that he too tried to eat a vegan diet. But Gandhi took it as far as possible and would only eat fruit that fell from a tree because any picking of food meant destroying it in a way. He became sick and eventually brought back dairy milk into his diet of nuts, seeds and fruit.

Ok, so I learned something from Gandhi and how he ate. To some degree something has to die for us to live. Would you agree?

vegan lunch

Amazing spinach and potato tacos made by Hannah!

Be sure to check out Hannah’s blog if you are interested in reading more about compassionate eating. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from her.

“It’s important not to automatically trust what someone says just because they are saying it in the name of God. (A lot of people in the Bible did things in the name of God that were unquestionably not what God intended. The same thing happens today! Just a thought.) But that’s why I have a Bible myself and the Spirit within me that guides me with conviction and discernment. I have never been more convinced that this lifestyle is not a contradiction to my religion and relationship with Christ. In fact, I believe God is happy with my daily decision to live a life where I am causing the least amount of harm to every creature on this planet that I can.” – Christian Vegan: Part 1, Hannah

“Remember to be patient with your partner if they are not on the same path as you. If you pressure them, they won’t change. They just won’t. That’s how humans are. It has to be their own choice. Stay positive and try to be the best example you can: if you feel and look your best, they will notice. Offer to make him or her meals in a perfectly sweet and non-judgmental way. My favorite line is, “Want a smoothie?” Or, “I have some super ripe avocados. Want a salad?” That way you’re really just offering to make them food, which is so nice of you! It just happens to be cruelty-free and full of nutrients.” – I’m In Love With A Non Vegan, Hannah

“I don’t think it is a stretch to say that becoming healthy can liberate us to find ourselves in worship of God every second of our lives. The last time I was sick was February 2013. I remember it very clearly. I was out from work for a week and on my couch the whole time. There was no choice. I was sick, so I had to get better and rest. I had literally no opportunity to be a light to the students in my class. No chance to share Christ’s love with anyone, except my husband, because he was the only person I saw.” – Worshipping One Thing Or Another


3 responses to Christian Vegan Chat With Hannah


    Lezlie! I loved listening to this. Super interesting to listen to another (Christian) person’s perspective on why they eat plant-based and vegan. I can’t say I’m as strong of an animal activist as Hannah, but I do agree with living a lifestyle of love and having compassion, even on all of God’s creation. But it is true- the beauty of our Christian faith is that we have freedom and are not condemned for eating any such way. I definitely love the way my body feels with how I feed it eating plant-based. AND in regards to the end of your convo, you so are a ‘why’ person, and I love that about you! You always want to learn and increase your knowledge and wisdom in various things and it truly is admirable. 🙂 Love you, beauty! Thanks for posting this!


    Lovely post, Lezlie! It was so nice to meet with you. I could talk about this topic all day. Let’s collaborate again!

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