Anti-C Tea Time

February 6, 2015 — 2 Comments

Anti-C Tea


Hey Lovers,

I’m super excited because I just got a new box from Your Tea in the mail. You may remember me mentioning them from a post around this time last year when I tried and reviewed their Tiny Tea. I had amazing results with their Tiny Tea, it totally cured my sugar cravings and I lost a few pounds too. Over the past year they have added several new teas to their line, including their Anti-C (cellulite) tea. The box came with two week’s worth of tea, so I’ll be sure to record another review for you mid February.

Here is some yummy info on Anti-C Tea from Your Tea’s site.


specifically designed to assist with:

  • cellulite
  • fluid retention
  • skin problems
  • mood enhancement
  • clears internal toxins and impurities

Contains: Pu Gong Ying, Green Tea, Fu Ling, Gou Qi

More info on Anti-C Tea:

This herbal blend assists in cleansing the kidney and liver to help your body lift stagnant dampness and phlegm.

Anti-C ingredients are delicately balanced to achieve optimum results.

Oolong Tea is used for clearing food stagnation and increasing blood flow to promote the removal of the toxins through the blood stream. Ginger warms the body and in particular the digestive system to increase gut functionality.

Chrysanthemum is a brilliant tonic for the skin and balances out the role of ginger so as not to over heat the body. This wonder ingredient will also assist in skin clarity, skin tone and skin hydration.

Lyciumchinese is used to nourish the liver, support digestion and increase skin elasticity.

When combined, each of the above herbs provide a perfectly balanced blend to clear phlegm/dampness and promote blood flow throughout the body so that toxins and waste may be removed.

Yum! I’m excited to start this tea and hope to share some positive result with you all. Have you tried any teas from Your Tea? Or do you have another line you like to drink?


2 responses to Anti-C Tea Time


    Oooooh! Let me know about this one! The cellulite on my legs has gotten OOC, lol.


    Haha will do sis 😉


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